How To Manifest During Mercury Retrograde

Are you feeling a little lost, unsure of what to do next, or just generally stuck in life? The current planetary alignment could be hindering your manifesting goals. The recent Mercury Retrograde period has been tumultuous for the last couple months and it is important to know how to manifest during this period. Here’s some tips on how to manifest during Mercury Retrograde:

Create a Manifestation Plan

Creating a manifestation plan is the first step in being able to take control of what it is you want out of life. Take time to really sit with yourself and get clear on what it is that you desire. Write down your plan in detail reflecting your true intentions, making sure that they align with positivity and are not focused on negative energy. Allowing yourself to have clarity around your manifestation will make it easier for you to stay focused during this season

Tap Into Your Intuition

The energy of Mercury Retrograde causes us all to become more intuitive than usual which can give us access to potential messages and ideas from the Universe about our manifestation plans. We must open ourselves up by listening deeply if we want these messages communicated back to us so don’t shy away from following any sudden urges or inspirations!

Align with Positive Thinking

Forcing positivity into our lives is critical if we want our manifestations spells and dreams come true during Mercury retrograde. Despite all the chaos surrounding us, positive thinking can create an atmosphere of constructive action when we are faced with our most difficult challenges.

So move forward with enthusiasm and confidence knowing that change may be coming but not all circumstances can be controlled due to external forces such as the planets seeming misalignment at times.

Set Clear Intentions & Visualize Your Dream Reality

Being specific regarding what it is that you desire will ensure that you are taking actionable steps needed toward accomplishing them faster during these trying times.

On top of this, visualizing yourself living out exactly what it is you desire brings these things into existence being mindful creates a powerful new energy around whatever goal or dream one sets for themselves thanks again due to having such deep access right now into their innermost desires and feelings via retrogrades cognitive prowess..

Stay Grounded & Committed

Mercury’s influence on our life does give us opportunity for introspection, but it also limits our ability for movement or closure in certain areas of life due its reversed rotation power – find ways throughout this cycle of finishing tasks, committing fully each day/hour towards completing said goals (meditation helps too!) so as not fall into any slumps caused by outside forces beyond control no matter how powerless one may already feel at times through reflection – persevere!

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