How To Manifest Your Ex Back Fast in 6 Steps

If you want to manifest your ex back into your life fast, then the Law of Attraction can help. The law states that “like attracts like” and it helps to explain why we attract the people and things into our lives that are on the same wavelength as us.

However, manifesting a past relationship isn’t easy. It requires dedication, effort, and focus in order to be successful but with this guide, you could have your ex-back sooner rather than later!

Continue reading to find out how to manifest your ex-back fast in 6 steps.

Can You Manifest Your Ex Back Fast?

The answer is yes, it is possible to manifest your ex back through the law of attraction. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when trying to manifest a romantic relationship the focus should be solely on feeling good and raising your vibration.

So if you find yourself focusing more on fearing that your ex won’t come back and other low-vibe energy, then this will counteract any manifestation efforts.

Instead, think about what kind of feelings would be present if you had already got your desire back and amplify those feelings within yourself.

Visualizing an outcome where you have gotten back together and are both happy can be a great way to get into this high-vibe energy.

Step 1: Identify What Went Wrong In the Relationship

The first step to manifesting your ex back fast is to figure out what went wrong in the relationship.

Take an honest look at any negative experiences or negative emotions that may have caused pain and tension within the relationship.

It’s important to take ownership of any mistakes you may have made and accept responsibility for any part you played in the breakup.

During this step, make sure to check in with yourself so as to not get stuck in a loop of negative energy and instead stay grounded by focusing on the facts of what went wrong.

At the same time, assess how you are feeling about the situation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, practice positive self-care like journaling and yoga during this time of healing.

These activities help shift from a space of negativity into a space of positivity, allowing you to manifest with higher vibrational energy.

By cultivating more positive energy around this situation, you can create a different outcome than what it ended with previously.

Step 2: Get Clear On The Outcome You Want and Why

The second step in manifesting your ex back fast is to get very clear on the outcome you want and “why”.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so it’s important for you to know exactly what outcome you want to create.

Take a few minutes to write down a description of your desired outcome. Be as specific as possible and include details about the relationship you hope to have with your ex, how the two of you interact with one another, and what kind of future together you envision.

It’s important at this stage that your intention be backed by positive energy. If it is clouded by desperation or negative energy, you are likely to inhibit the manifestation process.

Instead, focus on creating an intention backed by love, forgiveness, appreciation, and understanding these feelings will draw only positive things into your life.

Know that everything happens for a reason and if this person has left your life there must be something much better waiting for you elsewhere!

Step 3: Visualize Being With Your Ex Again

The third step to manifesting your ex back fast is to visualize being with your ex again.

This visualization technique requires you to use both your conscious and subconscious mind.

Take some time and sit in a calm environment, close your eyes and focus all of your energy on what a loving relationship with your ex would look like.

Visualize each moment; the way you talk, laugh, whisper sweet nothings, and spend time together enjoying activities. Generate positive emotions like deep love and appreciation for this person in order to create a strong connection between the two of you.

Continue to practice this visualization process regularly in order to make it firmly rooted within your subconscious mind.

When realistically envisioning these romantic relationship moments, focus on the things you learned throughout the break-up regarding yourself and also pertaining to the kind of relationship that works best for both of you.

While visualizing allow yourself to believe that it can happen even if currently it doesn’t seem like it exists in reality right now.

Believing that it will happen will help ensure that it does!

Step 4: Let Go Of Any Self-Limiting Beliefs That Are Precluding Reconciliation

The next step to manifesting your ex back fast is to let go of any limiting beliefs that are precluding reconciliation.

Limiting beliefs can prevent us from taking the right actions and getting closer to what we desire. It’s essential to be conscious of these negative beliefs and understand they can be debunked by taking the necessary steps toward reconciliation. It’s important to acknowledge these limiting beliefs, or else they will continue to have an ill effect on your manifestation process.

Some common limiting beliefs when manifesting reunification with an ex might include:

-My ex doesn’t want me anymore

-We’re too different now

-My ex has moved on

-I am not attractive enough for my ex

-Reconciliation won’t happen because I failed/made mistakes in the past

-I don’t deserve my ex’s love/affection anymore

These limiting beliefs likely arise from fear, anxiety, and guilt that you experienced in a past relationship.

Acknowledge them, but know that they don’t have power over you and maybe disproven if you take specific actions toward reconciling with your former partner.

If your intention is fueled by love rather than fear, pain, or attachment, then take some time to reflect on this intention before beginning the manifestation process.

Respect yourself first and remember that even a successful manifestation starts with self-love!

Step 5: Recite Positive Affirmations and Believe In The Possibility of a Reunion

The fifth step to manifesting your ex back fast is to recite positive affirmations and believe in the possibility of a reunion.

Visualize an ideal situation between you and the special person you want back into your life.

Use affirmations specifically for relationships such as:

  • I am attracting my ex back into my life in miraculous ways.
  • We are coming back together faster than I imagined.
  • We belong together and nothing can keep us apart
  • The law of attraction is bringing us closer and closer each day.
  • I am trusting the process of our reunion, with an open heart and mind.
  • I am manifesting my ex back in a matter of days.
  • My love for my ex is radiating out into the universe.
  • have an undeniable connection to my ex and we belong together

Remember that if you truly believe in manifestation, then there’s no reason why you can’t have your ex back!

The art of manifestation works by first believing that what we want is possible and sending out positive vibrations into the universe.

Focus on all the positive aspects of having your ex back, instead of worrying about what could go wrong or anything negative.

Remind yourself that whatever actions you put out will come back to you, so make sure it’s something that evokes good energy.

By reciting powerful affirmations daily, visualizing an ideal relationship between you two, and believing in the possibility of a reunion, you’ll be opening up space for manifestation to occur naturally.

Step 6: Believe That Reuniting with Your Ex Will Happen Soon

The fifth step to manifesting your ex back fast is to believe that reuniting with your ex will happen soon.

As I always say, faith and belief are essential for manifestation.

No matter how much effort you put into visualizing or wishing for a certain outcome if you don’t wholeheartedly believe it will happen, it won’t.

So, here is the objective: start believing reuniting with your ex is possible and it can happen sooner than you think.

It only takes a bit of time for the Universe and its infinite power to have the capacity to make things occur quickly.

Remember the positive feelings of when you two were together. Harness those powerful emotions and amplify them within yourself and focus on them while manifesting what you want.

Feel those high-vibe feelings as if they’ve already happened in order to manifest an energetically aligned outcome; this will be a strong indication to the Universe that this is something that matters greatly to you which may help speed up the manifestation process.

How Long Does It Generally Take To Manifest An Ex Back?

Generally, it takes a few weeks for anyone to manifest an ex back.

However, it all depends on your alignment and connection with the belief that you can bring them back into your life as well as High-Vibe Energy that you are emitting.

It is important to use visualization techniques and emphasize your high-vibe emotion in order to manifest what you want faster. Visualize both you and your ex reunited in happy times and try to get into the feeling of joy, love, and bliss which will raise your vibration levels.

Remember that manifestation works by sending out a current of energy into the Universe which returns back to us what aligns with our strong intentions, feelings, and vibrations!

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